Simple Guide to guide u in game

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Simple Guide to guide u in game

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Customizing Your Character
When creating a character, a wide variety of options are available. As you alter different aspects of the character's appearance, they will show on the character model in the center of the screen. There's also the Random button, which will completely randomize a player's appearance within their chosen gender.
There are two arrows at the bottom of the screen for character rotation. This allows you to see all angles of your character before you get in game! You can also left-click and drag the mouse to rotate the camera view.
At this screen you can also customize your Sprite companion (see the Sprites page for more information about your companion). Changing their title will change what gathering and crafting skills they have, and you can also change their color, eyes, and basic appearance.

The Journey Begins
Entering the World of Saphael brings new players to Siwa Island. This Island is full of quests that guide new players through game mechanics. After reaching the Island goals, players are given a choice of traveling to one of the three Capital cities. When you choose a city, keep in mind that there is no difference apart from Reputation!

Start your journey on the fabulous Siwa Island! This island is dedicated to training Sprite Messengers, and the NPCs here are very friendly.

Kaslow is in the center of the continent, home to the Kaslow Royal Family. The mount for this city is a Sunbird and requires Reputation points with the Kaslow Royal Family

Ilya is the center of magical learning, located on the eastern side of the continent. The mount for this city is a Wolf, and requires Reputation points with the Ilya Elder Council.

Jale is a steam-driven society, valuing the versatility and reliability of mechanical devices. The mount for this city is Mecha Armor, and requires Reputation points with the Jale Steam Corporation.

Character Classes
In Grand Fantasia, character classes develop as players progress through the game. Information about each class as well as the different Class Trees can be found here.

Sprites are helpful little creatures that gather materials, craft items, and keep players company. Sprite-related information can be found in this section, including sprite evolution.

Making Friends
As you make friends in Grand Fantasia, you'll discover that there are many different ways you can interact with them. This section goes over the Friend List, Parties, Guilds, and Relationships.

Skills and More
Each class has its own skill set, becoming more specialized as they level up. Information regarding skills can be found here, as well as other skill systems in the game: Talents and Master Skills.

Battle! PvE and PvP
There are many ways to get in a fight! Grand Fantasia has a Duel system as well as PvP Battlegrounds. This section has information about each, as well as monster hunting.

Items and Storage
This section contains several different aspects of the game items. Here you will find item rarities, how to use forumulas and patterns, as well as reinforcing equipment to gain extra bonuses. This section also contains the Socket system, and all the ways to store and sell items: Bags, the Bank, player collections, and the Auction House.


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